Cat Boarding and Grooming

We provide Professional Cat Grooming Services;

Trims, Sanitary Cuts and baths. You don't have to be Boarding here to use our Grooming Services.

These cuts were designed to assist owners in keeping their long-haired cats comfortable, clean and mat-free. Long haired cats are 'very high maintenance' The cats really love them and after their bath and cut, will 'prance' with their tail and head high when we are finished with their grooming. It is their way of saying "Thank You." We know 'cat talk'!

Repeat feline customers even 'purr' during their grooming at A Country Cat House.. who wouldn't? They are being pampered to the nth degree; they are getting gentle massaging and their skin 'cleaned'. Cats are meticulous self-groomers but their tongue does not 'clean' their coat, it straightens out the hairs' and with long-haired cats, the moisture from their tongue and the licking creates 'matting', very bad mats left uncared for can result in mats so hard and strong they tighten right down to the skin. At that stage, the only solution is having the mats shaved off and let the coat grow out beautifully again.

So give us a call for the details or come by for a visit. We always like to meet our clients.


Bath - Long Hair $35 - Short Hair $30
Sanitary Cut with Bath $40
Nail Trim $10
All hair cuts include bath, nail trim, ear and eye cleaning
Prices Effective Oct, 28, 2021 - Call for latest pricing.

Appoinments are Required


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